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Before Fahadh, it was Mohanlal who acted in such a natural way: Director Venu

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Before Fahadh, it was Mohanlal who acted in such a natural way: Director Venu

Director Venu’s third directorial Carbon was released on January 19 and was met with overwhelming reviews from both the critics and the commoners. The movie starring Fahadh Faasil in the lead is a mystery-adventure thriller set in the backdrop of forests. After a great 2017, the extremely talented actor has continued his rich form this year as well with his first outing, Carbon.

Fahadh’s stellar performance as an ambitious young man is getting rave reviews from all corners. After watching his performance, many have drawn comparisons with Mohanlal of the earlier days. Both of them are known for their natural and effortless acting style. In a recent interview, director Venu was also asked about his opinion on the comparisons with Mohanlal.

Venu is someone who has watched Mohanlal from close quarters as he has cranked camera for movies like Namukku Paarkkan Munthrithoppukal, Dhasharatham, Season, Manichithrathazhu etc. So when asked about his opinion, Venu said, “Before Fahadh, it was Mohanlal who acted in such a natural way. But Mohanlal has changed that style now. People compare them based on their similar instinctive style, but their acting styles are entirely different. Fahadh is a very expressive and intense actor.

In another interview, director Venu is quoted saying, “Mohanlal was the best actor Malayalam cinema had at that point of time. None could match the way he cast his spell even in mundane roles. It was not exactly acting, it was just behaving. The same is the case with Fahadh. Any role or sequence you throw at him, he responds quickly in his inimitable style. In fact, in my book, he is perhaps the best actor in the country itself now.

Many noted critics have rated Carbon as a ‘must watch film’. Venu has scripted the movie with several layers in it. The usually seen spoon-feeding is consciously avoided and instead most scenes are left to the audience’s perception. It is basically the survival story of Sibi Sebastian, an ambitious young man played to the T by Fahadh.

Technically, Carbon is a rich film with some quality visuals and intriguing music. The movie has its cinematography by KU Mohanan and music by Bollywood composer-filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj. The movie is jointly produced by Sibi Thottapuram and Navis Xaviour under the banner of Poetry Film House.

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