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Hardly a week after meeting with an accident, Shrikumar Menon returns back to work!

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Hardly a week after meeting with an accident, Shrikumar Menon returns back to work!

Earlier this week, director Shrikumar Menon had met with an accident while walking down the escalator in Mumbai airport. He suffered injuries to his jaw bone and was admitted to a leading hospital in Bangalore. His unfortunate accident was expected to be a jolt for the post-production works of ‘Odiyan’ but within fine days, the determined director has returned back to work. Taking to his official Facebook page, Menon has written about his recovery and thanked all those who wished him. His post reads,

After an unfortunate fall from an escalator in Mumbai airport, I am just back to my routine and am so humbled and overwhelmed by the number of messages and prayers that have been coming my way. The fall which gave me multiple jaw and chin injuries and fractures , amidst the hectic routine of our post production, had brought along with it a lot of stress and chaos. Thank you for all the prayers, those numerous messages and goodwill gestures that have come from various corners , my journey to recovery is progressing steadily. After two back to back surgeries to fix all the broken bones in the last five days , am back to life with our movie post production work, gearing up for our much awaited global release on December 14th!

Gratitude in abundance for Dr Gunasekharan of Invivo hospital Bangalore , a dear friend and one of the finest surgeons in the country, his stellar team of doctors and medical staff who made this all happen smoothly and aided my swift recovery. A special mention to Lalettan, Antony and the amazing VFX waala team for the inspirational support and strength given during this testing time. Thank you is too small a word ! (sic)

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