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I would be happy if my son takes on at least half of Suriya’s qualities: Jyothika

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I would be happy if my son takes on at least half of Suriya’s qualities: Jyothika

Suriya and Jyothika are one of the most favourite celebrity couples in the South. They are loved by everyone and they are what one calls an ‘ideal couple’. It is very common in award shows and public events to see Suriya and Jyothika holding hands and greeting everyone with a beaming smile.

Post their wedding in 2006, Jyothika took a break from her acting commitments. She made a comeback in 2015 with 36 Vayadhinile, once her kids- Dev and Diya grew up. Suriya has been a constant pillar of support for Jyothika and she happily repeats this in every public event she attends.

Jyothika is cureently busy promoting her next release Magalir Mattum, which is being produced by Suirya’s 2D Entertainment. She recently attended the popular celebrity chat show Anbudan DD as part of promotions. The host showed a lovely picture of Suriya and Jyothika on screen and she just could not stop talking about her husband.

Jyothika said that she cannot talk enough about Suriya and that they could do a separate show just on this. She shared about how caring Suriya is and how he stands up for her and family by never letting them down.

She said, “I’ve never made even a cup of coffee for him, but then he’s never expected me to make it either.” When DD asked Jyothika about her idea of love, she shared her perspective. “Love is all about being selfless, thinking more about what the other person needs rather than what you need. It’s about giving your partner more place than yourself.”

Jyothika said she has met many people at school and work but she has never met anyone like Suriya. More than a husband, Jyo sees Suirya as her parent who takes good care of her. She added that she would be happy if her son gets at least half of Suriya’s qualities.

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