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“I am not an ideal Human being, I have imperfections too”, says Megastar Mammootty

I am not an ideal Human being, I have imperfections too, says Mega star Mammootty-Malayalam Movies-2014-Onlookers Media

Mega star Mammootty is always known for his open minded behavior and straight forward  personality. He fears nothing to open his mind and tells what he feels without caring much about the consequences.

Now in an interview Mammootty said that he is not a perfect or completely good person as people thinks and he had his own weaknesses and bad traits in his character. The interviewer asked him about the character named ‘Venu’ he portrayed in his latest release ‘Varsham’. Venu is not a good person in the beginning of the story. But he later becomes  a good man. The interviewer asked Mammootty that whether he is more like Venu in his real life also. For that question, Mammootty replied this way. Mammootty also said that he always like to give chances to new directors and new actor/actresses. And he said that he will continue to do so.

Mammootty told that in many interviews people says that at first they had a fear for Mammootty and later Mammootty become so friendly and easy to work with. Mammootty wonders why people fears him first up. He said many newcomers said this and he can’t understand why they fears him at the beginning if they know that it will be comfortable with Mammootty after some time. He said that he had no problem with anyone and always feel free and open minded to enjoy friendship with everyone. He is not that cruel or hot tempered as people thinks.

He said that he is a person who quickly become friends with others and he takes  a lot of liberty with them when he become so close to them. At that time he will behave as a very normal human being. Whenever he takes too much liberty his anger will also increase with it and he cannot be able to control or cover it. It is not to hurt them but it is coming from a sense that they mean very close to him. May be his that attitude was a reason to make people fear him at the beginning. He said that he cant act in real life as he express what he feels in his mind.

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