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Rajeev Ravi’s interview sparks controversy

Rajeev Ravi’s interview sparks controversy-Onlookers Media

Rajeev Ravi has shocked the world by making controversial comments in an interview with South live. He fixed his target on the some of the respected names from the film industry such as Sreenivasan, Quentin Tarantino and Mani Ratnam.

He criticized Sreenivasan’s movies and said that Sreenivasan deals with the subject of the middle class people in his movies only for his own advantage so that he can make money out of it. While Sreenivasan makes handsome money from the movies, his movies do absolutely nothing for the betterment of the middle class people and the society. Sreenivasan was not the only victim of Rajeev Ravi’s denunciation. He upbraided Quentin Tarantino and called him a world fraud. He is not even impressed by Mani Ratnam. Rajeev Ravi feels that Mani Ratnam focuses only on the exquisiteness of his movies. He thinks that Mani Ratnam movies lack volume and is reduced into a mere visual beauty and nothing else. Therefore, Rajeev opts not to watch his movies.

He also commented on the script format and said that everyone loves to follow Western style of movie making. He said that the real movie makers do not require a particular format for the script and that they have the potentiality to organize everything in their head.They may write some points on the paper in order to ensure that they have not missed anything. The present situation is such that the assistant directors are stripped of opportunities if they are not good at using laptop or any particular software. He added that a movie maker who adheres to a particular format of script actually locks the actor in the cage of film studio.

As expected, Rajeev Ravi’s uncensored remarks have upset a lot of fans and they have expressed their resentment on the comments through Facebook and other social media. Many of them feel that Rajeev Ravi has gone out of way in his interview and that he should have spoken like a responsible man. Some fans even put forth the question as to what makes Rajeev Ravi worthy enough to make such comments on the film personalities who are held in high esteem by others.

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