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Mohanlal fans against Joy Mathew

Mohanlal fans against Joy Mathew-Peruchazhi Issue-Angels Malayalam Movie-Onlookers Media

Actor and Director Joy Mathew landed himself in trouble by replying in rather careless manner in his own Facebook status. Joy Mathew shared a photo in his Facebook  which is from his latest release ‘Angels’ starring Indrajith, Asha Sharath etc and the film was directed by debutant Jean Markose. The movie got a decent word of mouth from the audience and it was indeed a decent thriller. But people bound to have different opinions and everyone had to admit that.

So such a viewer commented on the photo shared by Joy Mathew that ‘Angels was a senseless film’. That man also mentioned about different drawbacks and negatives the film had in its script, characterization etc. But Joy Mathew replied to it in rather unexpected manner as he said that people who criticizes Angels only need films like Peruchazhi. He thereby indirectly ridiculed a Mohanlal starrer and Mohanlal fans are in great rage that they believe Joy Mathew indirectly ridiculed Mohanlal. Peruchazhi is a fun filled film which has made on a huge budget and in fact got decent response at Box office also by entering to the profit zone of the financial scheme of things.

Mohanlal fans against Joy Mathew-Peruchazhi Issue-Angels Malayalam Movie-Onlookers Media

controversial post

Now Mohanlal fans are against Joy Mathew and throughout social media, he has been thoroughly criticized by the fans of Mohanlal for his not so good words. Joy Mathew always behaves like a rebel and he had been in trouble like this before also. He directed a film called ‘Shutter’ and that film had won many awards and great appreciation from the critics and ordinary viewers alike. Later he become an integral part of Malayalam films as a character actor and villain. But he many times showed the world that he can’t tolerate criticism and always replies to that criticism in rather unhealthy manner.

Angels got decent opinion but that does not means that no one can criticize the film. One person just expressed his opinion and Joy Mathew was just went out of his control and indirectly trolled a Mohanlal film. He had nothing to do with Peruchazhi but he landed on it to cover the criticism he faced for one of his film.

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