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In simplicity level Rajinikanth equals Mohanlal says Manoj K Jayan

In simplicity level Rajinikanth equals Mohanlal says Manoj K Jayan

Mohanlal has many adjectives or people calls him using many adjectives. The greats in our film industry calls him the the complete actor. His unmatchable star value and reach in our industry make people to call him the universal star of Mollywood. And for the film Pundits and critics he is the finest actor ever witnessed by our country and he is the personified form of flexibility for some others. But among all this adjectives what sets him apart is his simplicity and down to earth nature. In the level of simplicity according to actor Manoj K Jayan only Rajinikanth is there to equal Mohanlal. They both can be called the epitome of simplicity.

Manoj k Jayan also recalls an incident which he experienced and one of the many incidents that made him admire and love Mohanlal as a person than anyone else. Manoj K Jayan said that once he was shooting for the film named Praja directed by Joshiy with Mohanlal. That time Mohanlal was staying at the Taj Hotel Ernakulam and Manoj K Jayan was at his house at the same place. At that time two of his childhood friends came to meet him from Kottayam and their only wish was to see Mohanlal and spend some moments with him. So he took his friends to Taj Hotel to fulfill their wish to see Mohanlal.

When they arrived there Mohanlal was in a meeting with somebody else at the restaurant. But when he saw Manoj K Jayan coming with his friends he stopped his meeting right in the middle and went towards him to greet him. Then he also told his friend about Manoj K Jayan and also when Manoj told about the friends of him who came to see him, the great Mohanlal invited him to have some food sitting with him and his friends.

But Manoj let him complete his meeting and came out of the restaurant with his friends. Manoj says that from that time he became a real hero in front of his friends as they are very proud of him. They told him that he became that much important for a person in the industry as the great Mohanlal himself came to him and greeted him and also invited him to be with him. But Manoj says that he told his friends that it was not his eligibility but it shows the greatness of Mohanlal. It shows the simple and broad mind of Mohanlal.

He showed him how an artist respects another artist.He is the greatest in Indian cinema and he don’t have to walk up to him or greet him. He don’t have to invite a small actor like Manoj and that was justifiable as he was in a meeting. But he never did that. He showed the love, respect and care for others. That is the speciality of Mohanlal’s heart. There is no wrong or falsehood in that mind. He is clear like crystal and as pure as anyone can become.

Manoj later said that he had experienced and seen such a behavior and reception for him from only one actor other than Mohanlal. And that is the Super Star Rajinikanth.

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