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Injustice against Manu Jagat still continues from Baahubali team

Injustice against Manu Jagat still continues from Baahubali team

We had reported earlier that Manu Jagat who was actually the art director of the magnum opus film Baahubali was not given his due credits even in the titles of the film and he was termed as only an art assistant in the title credits given by the production team. Famous art director Sabu Cyril was the production designer of the film and people thinks that Sabu Cyril was the one who is behind the art works in the film which was in fact the life of Baahubali.

Manu Jagat expressed his pain and his thoughts on this right after the release of the film and Sabu Cyril himself guaranteed him to correct the mistake done by the team and he said the title credits will be corrected and he will surely awarded with the title credit of art director for his great effort for the film. But nothing has changed at all and still the film is showing with the same title credits which shows Manu Jagat as an art assistant.

Manu Jagat says that after all his cries and confirmation of the fact from the great Sabu Cyril himself, many medias still says that the art work of Baahubali is done by Sabu Cyril and they don’t have the time and space to mention the name of Manu Jagat who actually did it. He says that he had given 2 years of his life for the film and still got this from the team.

It was Sabu Cyril who called him to work in this film and he is greatful to him in all respects and he is like the best think happened in his life as a Guru of his and the one who believed in his caliber. Unfortunately Manu was not able to work at the last schedule of the film due to health problems which was quite serious but recovered well thanks to the doctors who took care of him.

During his bad times Sabu Cyril called him and told him that his name is given under the title of art director as well. But it was not what he saw at theaters. He did not even invited to the audio release of the film even after it was occurred at Cochin. Manu Jagat says that the team behind the film had insulted and questioned the artist in him and now he do not want any credits but want people to know what he did for that film and want to the pain through he and his family going on.

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