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I am not staying with Sai Kumar says Bindu Panicker

I am not staying with Sai Kumar says Bindu Panicker

Last day a controversy spread through social media as well as many television channels which involved actress Bindu Panicker, actor Sai Kumar and his wife Prasanna Kumari. It has been a known fact that Sai Kumar and his wife Prasanna Kumari is not in good terms and Sai Kumar had filed a divorce petition against her in the family court long time back. All his time there also news that Sai kumar and Actress Bindhu panicker are living together as they are planning to get married after the divorce with Prasanna Kumari materialized. Both Sai Kumar and Bindu Panicker had attended many public functions together and they had made clear in front of the media that they are in a relationship.

But the problem become more serious when the family court last day had rejected Sai Kumar’s appeal for divorce from Prasanna Kumari. Prsananna Kumari then came out and said that it was Bindu who is the cause of her husband staying away from her. She said that when he began to stay with Bindu Panicker he began to go away from her as a husband that later ended up in filing a divorce petition against her.

But Bindu Panicker had come out today and told to Manorama Online that the allegation of Prasanna Kumari is not at all true and she did not have to respond to fabricated story by someone. She said that she is not living with Sai Kumar as he was not legally divorced from Prasanna Kumari. She asks how one can live with a man if he had legally married to another woman. Bindu Panicker also said that if we check their address proofs we can find out that she and Sai Kumar had different address and they are living separately.

Bindu Panicker said that people who knows her and people who are close to her knows her position and the innocence of her in this issue raised by Prasanna Kumari. Sai kumar had reacted to his wife in a very angry manner while was given divorce petition against her and he also raised allegations against her family members who insulted and harassed him.

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