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Will Baahubali be India’s Oscar bet ? SS Rajamouli reacts

Will Baahubali be India’s Oscar bet, SS Rajamouli reacts

While reacting at the recent Oscar news on Baahubali, SS Rajamouli burst out laughing. Now, there is a buzz is that, this movie will definitely receive an Oscar Award for its stunning visuals etc. Earlier, SS Rajamouli’s Eega movie was shortlisted as Indian contender for Oscar.

Well Rajamouli is not at all bothered about Oscar or any other awards.He is still busy with the next part of Baahubali which is about to hit the screens on 2016. The official release date has not been confirmed for Baahubali-The Conclusion. The second part as of rumored now will be more heavier than the first one, since the first part became a success beyond the expectations and breaked almost every collection record in Indian cinema scenario.

The buzz of Oscars for Baahubali is based on the visuals and VFX of the movie.Since it has reached to the Hollywood standards it is expected by the fans to have an Oscar sector. But Oscar is not an easy go for Baahubali as for Hollywood the movie wont be any great treat on its visuals. For Indian cinema Baahubali achieves big time in the technical aspects with less artistic values. So the chances for this is very less. Baahubali was a movie which hold crew members from even Hollywood. Thus what SS Rajamouli devised from it was something of great visual value. But this cannot be considered as the eligibility for a chance for Oscars.

Therefore more chances for the Oscar vote from India will be any other movies with more artistic value and not visual boldness. Oscar awards are usually for those artistically sound and technically innovative stuff. In the case of Baahubali even-though a huge effort is made from the crew, it doesn’t offers anything new as far as Art as a medium is concerned. Baahubali was spectacular, both visually and technically. Else it wont be of great relevance on the award desk.

The truth is none of the crew cares or is worried about this as for them the huge acceptance is more than enough and the movie has become the greatest financial success of Indian cinema ever. As for them, the movie was intended to be a commercial epic dram which astounds the audiences with the technical reach of cinema.

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