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Is Ajith’s body in Vedhalam teaser made of VFX ? Rumor spreading..!

Is Ajith’s body in Vedhalam teaser made of VFX Rumor spreading

Yesterday the much awaited teaser of Thala Ajith starrer flick Vedhalam directed by Siva had released and got tremendous reception from the people. The teaser had already broken some YouTube viewers number record and Vijay’s Puli teaser likes was bowed down in front of Vedhalam teaser like just in 8 hours. That was also a made the headlines of a news. But now another news popped up which is a rumor indeed. The rumor is that Ajith’s body in a particular scene at the last part of the teaser was made out of visual effects and it was not his original body as per the rumor.

They news makers claims that in a particular shot in that scene when the body of ajith is in the frame his ears seems missing. They saying that while they were dome the Graphics works on his body the two ears of him got masked and that is what happened. But when we play the next frame the eras are visible as well. We still don’t know about the whole scene as it was just small teaser. If the scene was shot using green screen technology or something like that it can happen that some imperfection may come while doing the CG work on that particular frame or scene.

But the rumor is spreading very fast saying that it was not Ajith’s original body which looks fit but it created out of computer graphics to make him look fit. We cannot tell anything authentically as it only for a single frame and we still don’t know what is happening in that scene as a whole. Then only we can say proper judgement on these kind of allegations.

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