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Kanchanamala withdrawn case against RS Vimal and team as per Dileep’s request

Dileep Kanchanamala Moideen Seva Mandir

Ennu Ninte Moideen had become one of the biggest success in Mollywood box office and it also got a classic status in the hearts of Malayali audience. Even though it had made all the ones who saw it very happy, it never satisfied the real life Kanchanamala. She did not even watch the film and even before the release of the film she had filed a case against director RS Vimal and team and the case was in court for all these time.

Now the report has been coming in that Kanchanamala had withdrawn the case she gave against the Ennu Ninte Moideen team as per the request of the popular actor Dileep. Dileep had met Kanchanamala twice with regard to his help in creating the Moideen Seva Mandir at Mukkam and he had requested Kanchanamala to withdraw the case against team of the film. He had tried his best sort out the issue between Kanchanamala and the team of the film an at last succeeded in making her withdrawing the case first.

Kanchanamala said earlier that the team of the film had ignored Moideen and they did not even gave their ear for her words about what she have to say about telling some incidents related to her and Moideen through the film. She said that she even thought about committing suicide due to the attitude of the team of the film. But Dileep when he came to the function of the beginning of Moideen Seva Mandir at Mukkam, told Kanchanamala that when the works of this unique center is completed and gets ready to start its mission, the team of the film should have been there behind all this. So he requested her to make a patch up with them and she had accepted his words.

Dileep had spoken about this matter to director RS Vimal and lead actor Prithviraj as well. Now everything seems ok and going in the right direction. As per reports the team of the film will go and meet Kanchanamala very soon and make peace forgetting all issues surrounding it.

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