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Kinnarathumbikal director back with Manikyam

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R J Prasad, the man who turned the Malayali film viewing sense upside down with his film ‘Kinnara thumbikal’ is coming back with his new venture ‘Manikyam’. The film is produced by  Ajayakhosh under the banner of Gouri theerdham films. Manikyam tells the story of the intense love of a girl named Kunju Manikyam and it depicts the intense moments and feelings she had to gone through.

A woman knows every side of love without even studying about love. When the situation comes, they will experiment with what they know about love. But some women will create that situation to experiment with different aspects of love. Kunju Manikyam was one such girl and the film depicts her life. Kunju Manikyam has to marry Krishnan as it was her father’s last wish. Both Kunju Manikyam and Krishnan had not able to tell their opinion about that marriage. Because in one way or in other away both are indebted to Kunju Manikyam’s father. After marriage Kunju Manikyam tried to make Krishnan under her control. But she failed miserably as Krishnan was as cold as a cucumber in his attitude. Later Kunju Manikyam fell in love with Kumaaran Writer who was working in Krishnan’s shop. She decided to kill Krishnan in order to live with Kumaran. But before that happened Krishnan opened his mind to her and his story made a soft corner in her mind for him. But there was not much time as the moment was very near. She had to act and the tragedy happens in her life is the story of Manikyam.

Sreelaya is playing the role of Kunju Manikyam. Sahil Sunil, Ajaya Khosh are also playing central characters in this film. Apart from these, Janardhanan, Indrans, Rajmohan,Rama varma,Sindhu Jacob, Sethu Lakshmi etc are doing key roles in the film. The film is based on the work of famous Malayalam literary figure S K Pottakkadu. The screenplay also  written by the director himself. Sahil sunil plays the character of Kumaran Writer and Ajaya khosh plays the character of Krishnan.

Manoj Narayan is the director of photography and Jayachandra Krishana is the editor of the film. Sheik Ilyani composed music to the lyrics written by Dileepan. Sreenivas, Shahabas Aman, Jyotsna are the singers. Art by Sunu Khader and Anoop Apsara and make up by Aji Sreekaryam.

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