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Lingaa’s pathetic failure, distributors want help from Rajinikanth himself

Lingaa's pathetic failure, distributors want help from Rajinikanth himself-Onlookers Media

It was a very unusual Situation in Rajinikanth’s career. Rajnikanth films are always a safe bet in box-office. And always earns record breaking collection at box-office.  He is been hailed as the biggest super star India has ever seen and has the biggest fan following across India and also had a great fan following all around the world. But in recent times that So called Rajinikanth mania seems to have been on the decline.

His last release Lingaa, which came to hit the screens with Huge expectation has declared a disaster by the distributors of the film. They said it after almost 25 days of its release, and reports is that Lingaa has turned out to be one of the biggest disasters in his career and Tamil film industry. To everyone’s surprise the movie had only  recovered a pathetic 30 per cent of the down payment and the this report was given to the medias by Tiruchy-based distributor and theatre owner Singaravelan and we have to believe it as it is coming directly from a distributor who is witnessing the Rajni mania from the time it begun.

That distributor cum theatre owner Sringara velan and his fellow theatre owners and distributors decided to unite against this situation and they also decided to organize a protest  of taking ‘fast’ seeking a refund from the superstar Rajinikanth himself for the lost they suffered by his film. They also said that if Rajinikanth will not refund for the loss they suffered, they will be forced to boycott all his future projects and they are pretty clear about it as his films now a days have sky high budgets and if it fails they have no way to overcome that loss it gives them.

Even though they have already planned their way of protesting against the Super star, the city police commissioner  have other ideas as did not grant permission for the fast for the protesters and hence theatre owners and distributors are planning  to move the Madras High Court with the petition of Seeking refund from the Super star Rajinikanth. Lingaa really landed him in trouble.

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