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Mohanlal is an amazing actor and I love to work with him, says Shekhar Kapoor

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Mohanlal is an amazing actor and I love to work with him, says Shekhar Kapoor

Superstar Mohanlal, one of the most popular and biggest star in Kerala and also the finest actor in India now, always gets the appreciation and admiration from Indian Film industry. He can be called the actor who has most number of followers and admirers from the Indian Film industry itself. Directors, technicians, actors, actresses, writers etc from different film industries in India admires this actor more than anyone else in Indian Cinema.

When they say about Malayalam cinema, the first word comes to their mind is Mohanlal and many of them expressed it as well before. The latest on that list is popular Bollywood and Hollywood director Shekhar Kapoor. He said Mohanlal is amazing and he will love to work with Mohanlal someday in his career.

Shekhar Kapoor had come to India related to his upcoming work, which will be a classic serial related to the life of William Shakespeare. While he is interacting with media in Delhi, a reporter asked him about Malayalam Cinema. He said Malayalam cinema is one of the best film industries in India and the films coming from Mollwood has the standard of world cinema. Even some commercial films coming from here has great standard.

When the reporter asked about who is his favorite actor in Malayalam, the answer came quickly. He said Mohanlal is his favorite actor and he is an amazing actor who can be listed among the greatest actors in world cinema. He will love to work with Mohanlal, says Shekhar Kapoor.

Shekhar Kapoor become popular through the films like Bandit Queen based on the life of Phoolan Devi and Hollywood films like Queen Elizabeth, Golden Age etc. He is been considered as one of the greatest film Makers India had ever produced.

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