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Moideen-Kanchanamala love was not sincere says Hameed Chennamangaloor

Moideen-Kanchanamala love was not sincere says Hameed Chennamangaloor

Ennu Ninte Moideen which had already become a super success as well as classic romantic film in Malayalam cinema is also receiving some criticism as well from different corners and for different reasons. The first one was came from real life Kanchanamala itself when she said that even though they picturized the romance between she and Moideen beautifully, they did not did justice to the families of both Moideen and hers. They picturized it in a way that insults their family members.

Then another criticism has came from VT Balram MLA who criticized the film about its wrong political setting. VT Balram opined that the political issues and the political background mentioning in the film is completely wrong and the writer/director have to take extra care on that aspect as he is telling a real life story before people. Now the latest one is from Hameed Chennamangaloor who is a prominent writer and social critic in Kerala who says that the love affair between Moideen and Kanchanamala was not at all sincere.

Hameed Chennamangaloor while speaking to a television channel about the film said that now what happening is that the film encourages a fake glorifying of the love relation between Moideen and Kanchanamala. Hameed says that they are in relationship for almost 25 years before moideen dies. If there love was sincere they can unite even before that. And he asks that if Kanchanamala loves moideen that much then why is not getting ready to build a memoir for Moideen from the money she has now as she has fair amount of property in her name still. He says that Kanchanamala started all activities related to moideen memorial from the house of moideen himself and later the relatives of moideen had to take all that property back from her. It shows that she is selfish and telling the stories about a fake love.

There is even an opinion that the new generation film viewers also ridiculing Moideen-Kanchanamala love as even after loving each other for almost 25 years why they can’t be able to go for a marriage. Anyway the film had triggered a point for discussion in society and that itself is a success of the film we must say.

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