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PK too in plagiarism trouble

PK too in plagiarism trouble-Aamir Khan-Rajkumar Hirani-Anushka Sharma-Onlookers Media

It seems that PK, which has become the highest grossing film ever in the Indian film Industry has also landed in the issue of plagiarism. The film is already in the news for its success and also for the protest of different religious groups against the it. But it is again in the news for the issue of plagiarism.  According to the latest reports, the Delhi High Court on Wednesday issued a notice to the producer and director of PK based on a novelist’s plea accusing the makers of the movie of copying certain scenes, characters, and ideas from his Hindi book Farishta which was published an year back, in 2013 to be precise.

Delhi high court Justice Najmi Waziri asked the producer of the film Vidhu Vinod Chopra and director Raj Kumar Hirani, and also scriptwriter Abhijat Joshi to appear before joint registrar of the High Court on April 16 for recording of evidence in this regard and to hear their version of things. And The court’s notice had come on a plea by the Hindi novelist Kapil Isapuri who alleges that Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Raj Kumar Hirani, who are the producers and director of the film and scriptwriter Abhijat Joshi have stolen the characters, expression of ideas, scenes (sequences) from  his novel and used it in their film without his permission and knowledge.

He wants rupees 1 crore as compensation from the makers and also the due credit. He filed his petition through advocate Jyotika Kalra and in his petition he tells that in his novel he criticizes blind followers of God and Godmen. He claims that there are many issues raised in the film had actually copies from his novel. He said that the writers and director of the film had made some minor changes to the incidents told in the book and cleverly copied them into their movie.

PK, starring  Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan, Anushka Sharma, Sanjay Dutt and Sushant Singh Rajput in key roles, is a satire on God and godmen and It narrates the story of an alien played by aamir khan  who comes to Earth for  a research and got lost on earth and later become friends with  a television journalist Jaggu played by  Anushka and while he tries for his lost remote to get back to his spaceship he questions and ridicules the superstitions and blind followings of religions.

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