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Randamoozham: BR Shetty confirms that he won’t be joining with MT Vasudevan Nair

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Randamoozham: BR Shetty confirms that he won’t be joining with MT Vasudevan Nair

Lately, Randamoozham has been in the news for all wrong reasons. The problem arose when writer MT Vasudevan Nair approached the court demanding the return of his script as the contract period got over. Though director Shrikumar Menon tried to initiate talks, MT has been quite form on his stand. UAE based businessman BR Shetty, who was supposed to produce the movie, has now declared that he won’t be collaborating with MT again.

However, Shetty is quite confident about making his dream to make Mahabharatha a reality. In a recent interaction with NIE, the producer is quoted saying, “I won’t be joining with MT again as he has already gone to court demanding his script back. I cannot court controversies by producing a movie on that script.”

When asked about the future of his project, he said, “I can make the movie for Rs 1,000 crore, maybe lesser, or go twice as high. I need to bring out Mahabharatha as a movie. It will be filmed to be remembered on all aspects which does not lose any key elements from the epic. It will also be dubbed into other major Indian languages and foreign languages as announced earlier.”

Shetty also sounded not very keen on retaining Shrikumar Menon as the director. He said, “It should be remembered for its craft and the manner in which the story is told without any addition or subtraction. Top actors from India and abroad will be roped in. Technicians who have made their mark in the industry will also be brought on board.”

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