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Reviewers to think about their eligibility to do it first says Marthandan

Reviewers to think about their eligibility to do it first says Marthandan

Film reviewers in the social Media and also in the popular television channel is under attack now as one after another many people from film industry is coming out to criticize their attitude which really killing the films and on the way killing the industry as well. Actor Kunchacko Boban had come out against them saying that they had to show a minimum amount of humanity towards a film while they reviewing or analyzing it for the public. They can’t just kill a film through their words as it really kills some people’s hopes and dreams as well who is working behind each and every creativity from the film industry.

The latest one is the director of the film named Acha Dhin starred Mammootty. His name is G.Marthandan and his film is released on last Friday. In social media and television channels the film is getting bad reviews and reviewers are virtually killed the film in all sense. The bad reviews which spread had really pulled down the film to the level of a disaster and now the director himself had come out pleading not to kill his film through reviews.

Marthandan says that it just like killing a newborn baby without letting him to grow and live in this world. Everybody has the right to criticize and anyone can criticize as well. But before setting themselves to criticize others they have to think of their eligibility to criticize. Marthandan says that he is ready to take up healthy criticisms but what is now happening is just the opposite. Many people just criticizing the film even without seeing it and also spreading bad and fake reviews as well.

He says that he had done Acha Dhin keeping in mind about the social problems and also he wanted to take political satire like Sandhesham. Marthandan tells that films like Baahubali is robbing our box office collections and when we tries to compete with them with our small films this kind of reviewers and piracy kills it on the spot. He also pleads to give him a chance to be in this industry and he says that review or criticize a film only after it completes one week at box office. Everybody needs sometime to understand and correct the mistakes he had done.

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