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Siyad Koker against Liberty Basheer

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Siyad Koker against Liberty Basheer

The ongoing cinema strike between the theatre owners and the producers and distributors association have put the industry in a spot of bother. Many highly anticipated movies that were scheduled to release for this Christmas had to be postponed. Trade experts confirm that the strike have caused huge revenue losses for the industry on a whole.

The theatre owners association-Exhibitiors Federation headed by Liberty Basheer have demanded a 50% share from the theatrical collections. The producers and distributors have firmly opposed this demand fearing losses.

Many rounds of discussions were held to resolve the issue. Cinema minister AK Balan organised a compromise meeting between both the parties but could not find a solution. Now, distributors association president Siyad Koker has come out with strong allegations against Liberty Basheer. He has alleged that Liberty Basheer’s authoritarian decisions as the major reason for the issue not coming to a conclusion.

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He also said that some of the theatre owners who opposed the government’s suggestion for a judicial commision are corrupted and that they are trying to ruin the industry. Most of the theatre owners in the association are against Liberty Basheer but they are holding back themselves to openly talk against him, said Siyad Koker.

It is still not clear when the issue will be resolved between both the parties and ensure a smooth release for all the postponed movies. Prithviraj’s Ezra, Mohanlal’s Munthirivallikalal Thalirkkumbol, Dulquer Salmaan’s Jomonte Suvisheshangal and Jayasurya’s Fukri are the Malayalam movies that got rescheduled to further dates.

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