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The Kung Fu Master will be the first of its film kind in Malayalam: Abrid Shine

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The Kung Fu Master will be the first of its film kind in Malayalam: Abrid Shine

Director Abrid Shine’s new film ‘The Kung Fu Master’ is getting ready to hit screens later this month. It is anything unlike what the director has done previously. It is an out and out martial arts action film set in Himalayas. As per the director, ‘The Kung Fu Master’ will be a kind of film that Malayalam cinema has not seen before. He believes that Malayali audience are extremely brilliant and always expect something new. Abrid Shine is hoping that his new film can offer them a completely new experience.

While Abrid Shine’s earlier films were all based on his personal experiences or the things that he has seen in his life, ‘The Kung Fu Master’ is a completely fictious film that is inspired from the action films of Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Bruce Lee.

Neeta Pillai, who grabbed attention for her perfomance in ‘Poomaram’, has done the lead role along with Jiji Scaria and Sanoop Dinesh. All the actors had undergone intense training in martial arts before starting shooting for the film. Sooraj S Kurup, Anju Balachandran, Ramamoorthy, Rajan Varghese, Vinod Mathew, Hareesh Babu, Jayesh K, Rangith PB and James J are also part of the supporting cast.

Major Ravi’s son Arjun Ravi, a former associate of Jomon T John, is making his debut as an independent cinematographer with this film. Ishaan Chhabra, a programmer in AR Rahman’s team is the music director and edits are handled by KR Midhun. The film produced under the banner of Full On Studio Frames is slated to hit screens on January 24.

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