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Young Telugu actor Prashanth died in accident !

telugu actor Prashanth died

Another shocking news is coming from Telugu Film industry and it says that  Telugu Young actor named Prashanth has been dead in an accident on Friday. He was 26 years old and said to be involved in an affair with a married lady which led to the accident.

Prashanth said to be involved in a physical relationship with a married woman. He came to the flat of that lady to meet her on Friday. When he was inside the flat with that lady, her husband came home. That pressed the panic button for Prashant and in a desperate attempt escape from there without being noticed by the husband of that woman, he went through the back door of the flat and tried to come down sliding through a pipe. But his legs slipped while coming down sliding through the pipe and he fell down from the 6th floor to the ground.

The incident occurred at a place named Moosapett at Hyderabad. He had relationship with that lady there for a long time and it was she who invited him to her flat as on Friday she was alone there. But unexpectedly her husband came there with some relatives and that had resulted in the shocking and unfortunate incident. All the events that happened there was just looks like a cinema itself.

He had also worked as a choreographer in many Telugu films in his career. This death issue is now the second consecutive shocking news coming from Tollywood. Two weeks back a middle aged man was found dead inside a theater in Hyderabad. He was watching a horror film and while watching it he suffered with heart attack and died at the spot.

Anyway Telugu industry is really shocked to hear what happened to Prashant Bala and the incidents that lead to the death of this actor had also bring some shame on them as well.

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