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Angels Review

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Angels..A decent Thriller that Worth Your time and Money

Angels is the latest Mollywood flick that hit the screens across Kerala today. It is an Investigation and social Thriller directed by Debutant Jean Markose and the lead role was Played by Indrajith Sukumaran. Apart from Indrajith, the film had a great cast list having Joy Mathew and Asha Sarath doing important roles. The film is a first step of many of the technicians worked in the film along with the director Jean Markose Himself.

Angels is the story of Hameem Hyder and his pursuit of a serial killer. Hameem had went through a lot of set backs in his professional life while Pursuing the killer and the shows us the interesting and thrilling turn of events that is happening in the investigation. The whole film is revolving around a Television show called ‘The third Eye’ and the anchor of the show was  Haritha Menon. The whole story takes a turn when Father Varghees Punyalan turns up in the show and makes some startling revelations. Indrajith Sukumaran Gave a mature and natural Performance as the police officer Hameem Hyder.He has once again showed his ability to look quite natural as a character. Asha Sharath gave a brilliant performance as the television show anchor Haritha Menon and Joy Mathews was at his usual best as Father Varghees Punyalan.

Direction of debutant Jean Markose was impressive as he really succeeded to hold the audience to their seats to the end. The cinematography by Sujith Sarang was superb as it created the mood of the film very well with its colour tone and angles. The other notable technical part was the crisp editing by Sreejith Sarang which helped the film move forward in a good pace without any lagging in the main parts of the film. Songs and Background scoring by Jekes Bejoy also was up to the mark as it really served great and went along smoothly with the theme and narration style of the movie.

Dialogues were written by Jean Markose and Shabu Kilithattil and story and screenplay was done by Toni Tomi in association with the director Jean Markose. If the screenplay was a little tighter the film film would have given a great impact. But as the first time Director, he had done a commendable job by giving us a decent thriller which will worth your time and Money. People who love thrillers will surely like this one from Jean markos and team.

Director : Jean Markose
Release Date : 28/11/2014
Cast : Indrajith, Asha Sarath, Joy Mathew
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