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Dolphins Review

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Dolphins…. The film which most of us eagerly waited for sometimes has at last released today. The eagerness was due to two factors. One was it was in the news as a come back movie of the super star of millions Suresh Gopi. He had made a strong statement and come back as an actor earlier this year with Appothecary, one of the best films of this year and his career. But dolphins was the one Most of his fans waited for because it showcases the firebrand as well as flamboyant Suresh Gopi that we all love. The second reason of our excitement was the Script of the film which has been written by None other than Anoop Menon who really knows the pulse of the audience. When the two of them joins hands for a commercial potboiler, it will sure be something to watch out for.

Dolphins is the story of Panayamuttam Sura Balan popularly known as Sura who is the owner of a chain of Bars named as Dolphin Bar. He is a funny character and also had inferior complex which made his life not easy. Anoop Menon played the character of the best friend of Sura and he is a rich man as well as a singer. Once an astrologer tells Sura that he may die in the coming months and only a woman who came uninvited into his life will save him from the shadow of death. From there the story takes off  in a humorous way when Sura accidentally got a chance to communicate with a girl even without seeing her with the help of Anoop Menon’s character.There is a parallel plot also running which depicts a police investigation about a serial killing that is happening at that time. That had a link with the life of Sura which will be the suspence of the film.

When we say about the performances, Three persons stand out from the rest. They are Suresh Gopi, Anoop Menon and kalpana. Suresh was at his comic best with Trivandrum slang and hilarious expressions and one liners. Anoop menon was at his usual best with the natural and easy way of acting. But the one who top scrored with the performance was none other than Kalpana. She played the Wife of Sura and she was just outstanding with her comic slang, intense emotions and sometimes the terrific underplaying of emotions.

Other actors  done their part well as Shaiju as a bar boy with his one liners got the applause from the audience. Prasanth, Saiju Kurupu,Suraj Venjaranmood, Joju, Nishanth Sagar, Nandu, Arun, Arjun, Irshad, Indrans, Nobi and of course Mekhana Raj done their part to perfection. Music by M.Jayachandran was awesome and the lyrics by Anoop himself was yet another master class from him. Dop by Jithu Damodar was very good as it captures the mood of the film very well. The atmosphere in the Bar scenes was terrific.

Diphan’s direction was good as it really takes forward the movie with nice pace and The climax was its highlight which was really a surprising one with great emotional Quality. The story was Simple and that simple story was presented with Elan. The film had lot to make us entertained. It has Good humor, Great songs,wonderful performances and a really Good food for thought at its climax. On the whole Dolphins is a Good entertainer which will worth your Money and will be a different  experience for all.

Director : Diphan
Release Date : 22/11/2014
Cast : Suresh Gopi, Anoop Menon, Kalpana, Meghna Raj
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