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Kaaviya Thalaivan Review

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Kaaviya Thalaivan (aka Prathinayakan) is a much anticipated Tamil film starring Sidharth, Prithviraj, Nasar and Vedika, directed by none other than Vasanthabaalan. Kaaviya Thalaivan was already raised huge expectations as the film had dealt with the unique genre and also due to the ability of Vasanthabalan to tell the story in a different style. As a first thing to say, the people are really impressed with the way in which the character of Siddharth has been moulded and also with the terrific acting skills he displayed. Vasanthabalan’s script was awesome and the technical side was terrific as we can see it in each and every frame of the film.

The movie is presented as a period film and the story is set in the early periods of  20th century. The plot revolves around two  friends played by Siddharth and Prithviraj , who is working as theatre artists. Both friends were grown up and trained the art under their guru and fatherly figure Thavathiru Sivadas Swamigal played by veteran actor Nassar. The two of went on to become famous and most skilled artists and their fame made their drama troupe to reach to heights that was beyond their imagination. But things were went wrong when the two friends really began to compete with each other which made the going gets tough for the company. The rest of the story tells us about the life of of two such friends from that point. Will they  be friends again or will they ruin themselves by fighting against each other..? The answer to this questions is what you get from the theaters.

When we say about the Performances, as we said earlier,Siddharth, who is the main lead, has amazed the spectators with his deep and sterling performance and Prithviraj’s role and his performance was equally good. Actress Vedhika also gave an impressive performance and the Supporting actors like Nassar, Ponvannan and ThambiRamaiah also gave their best to the movie. AR Rahman’s songs and background music was terrific and has become the  the central piller of the movie. Nirav Shah’s cinematography and KL Praveen’s editing was magical as it really made the audience to go into that world created by Vasanthabalan.

Kaaviya Thalaivan is a poetry on celluloid from Vasanthabalan which we can say simply brilliant. The dialogues of the film is extra ordinary and the great climax also adds upto the beauty of the film. Kaaviya Thalaivan is Must watch classic for all film lovers and its really magical.

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