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Dilwale Review

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Dilwale, the most anticipated Bollywood flick of this year has been released today. The reason for the anticipation is known  of the presence of the evergreen romantic pair of Indian cinema, Shahrukh Khan and Kajol. Apart from that the presence of young dynamic actor Varun Dhawan along with them and that too under the direction of Rohit Shetty who had given blockbusters every year recently.

The film is the second outing of Rohit Shetty- Shahrukh Khan team after the highly successful film named Chennai Express. Kjaol and Shahrukh Khan also joining together after the success of Karan Johan directorial My Name Is Khan. Varun Dhawan also coming to this film with a success of ABCD 2 which had entered in 100 crore club as well. So the expectation was over the top for this film. The flick has been financed by Shahrukh Khan himself under his banner of Red Chillies Entertainments in association with Rohit Shetty.

The story of the film revolves around two brothers and two sisters. The elder ones among these fell in love 15 years ago and the younger ones falls in love in the present. Their families are at loggerheads and the film shows us the conflicts they have between them, their efforts to patch up the situation, the rivalries that is more like gang rivalries and the final resolution of all problems which brings happiness to all. The film follows a typical commercial movie plot. Shahrukh Khan and Kajol plays the elder ones who fell in love 15 years back and Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon plays the younger ones.

The film has nothing new to offer in terms if its story, narration but has some great visuals. Rohit Shetty followed the old commercial potboiler formula and that only made the whole plot very much predictable. But the performances from the lead actors saved the film. Shahrukh Khan was superb as usual but has to say that it is time for him to leave aside the lover boy kind of roles. Varun Dhawan was superb in his screen presence and his scenes with Sharukh was really good and emotionally touching as well. Kajol is fabulous in her looks and charms it is difficult believe that all these years have passed after she appeared in DDLJ. Still possess that charm and cuteness. Kriti had nothing much to do apart from being a cute presence here and there.

The DOP by Dudley was the highlight of this film as the visuals has been terrific. Even though Rohit Shetty was a disappointment in telling a good story and failed to hold together the narration, the stunt sequences were shot superbly by him as expected. It is more or less a brainless fun filled entertainer. The negative is that it is neither a comedy nor a romantic film. It is not fit in the category of an action thriller as well.

The film is much better in the first half than the patience testing second half. But somehow the lead pair hold the film till the end and made it a watchable affair through their performance. Johny Level has to be mentioned specially for his great comic performance as well. Pritam’s music was also good and when it was blended with the superb visuals it took the film to another level in its total technical brilliance. The high point in the film is its interval twist and after that it came down.

But in total it is a film for the one who loves Shahrukh Khan as it is only made for those diehard fans of him. People who likes brainless Rohit Shetty films will also love it. But it do not met the expectation level to say honestly.

Director : Rohit Shetty
Release Date : 18/12/2015
Cast : Shahrukh Khan, Kajol, Varun Dhawan

Review : Harikrishnan

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