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Double Barrel Review

Double Barrel Review-Rating-Report

Double Barrel: A Pellisherian Graphichal Misfire.

Lijo Jose Pellisherry’s latest graphical outing Double Barrel aka Irattakuzhal was one of the most anticipated movies of this year. As for his new vision of craft Lijos gangster (kind of) movie Double Barrel raised the pulse, also for its stellar star cast. But unfortunately Double Barrel which was expected to be a genre defining movie became an experiment went haywire.

Double Barrel revolves around a pair of diamonds Laila & Majnu and the run behind its possession. Prithviraj and Indrajith as Pancho & Vincy plays two foolish goons who also goes behind the diamonds.The story at times resembles the texture of old Priyadarshan movies which got a common aim followed by people of different convictions. Double Barrel through out its run-time feels as a graphical novel which has a lot of gunfights,chases and lavish blend of colours. Even-though novel at its concept it never could satisfy an audience for its unconventional and content-less foul play. Lijo again, in all ways did a brave experiment and need to be appreciated for it. But all experiments are not always success. Thus is Double Barrel.

Technically, the movie is one of the best ever made in Malayalam. The greatest treat in here is Abhinav Ramanujams brilliant visuals which was just an out of the world experience. Each and every shots were done with heap of creativity and sharpness.The bgm and songs were also molded in such a sticky manner to match the motion, which hence can be considered as a success. But where it fails is at its weak script which was bland and pointless which throws the audience to series of yaws.

It has been almost 2 year since Lijo’s last movie Amen released. While Lijo started his career on 2010 with his debut film Nayakan it was far out of the perspectives on majority audience. The same happened for his second venture City of Gods (which actually is his best till date). Amen which was one of its kind in Mollywood became a surprise hit of that year. The biblical come fantasy come magical caricature creation became a new treat for malayalee audience. When it comes to the performance Prithviraj was a great let down while Indrajith manged to tickle. The other characters as all of it was flat mold was OK for the kind of texture.

Double Barrell has its high ends of-course, but as a whole lets you down. IF watched with out any pre tuned mindset, this would be a different experience,but wont be a great one either. The discourse may continue as at the beginning these words appear “If it can be thought or written, it can be filmed: Stanley Kubric”. In that case lets expect more and better from Pellishery.

Director : Lijo Jose Pellissery
Release Date : 28/8/2015
Cast : Prithviraj, Indrajith, Arya

Review : Achu Asok

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