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Iyobinte Pusthakam Review

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Iyobinte Pusthakam is Amal Neerad’s period movie featuring Fahad Fazil. The movie has pre independence India as its background. Iyob (played by Lal) is the devoted servant of Harrison who is a British native but lives in Kerala. Harrison owns a tea estate in Munnar. Iyob admires Harrison so much that he allows Harrison to name his three children. Harrison names the children Dmitri (played by Chemban Vinod), Ivan (played by Jinu Joseph) and Aloshi (played by Fahad Fazil). Harrison leaves for England but unfortunately he passes away before he could make it to England. Iyob learns about his death. He takes control of Harrison’s assets in Kerala and becomes the new master of the place.

Aloshi starts to develop feelings for Martha who is the illegitimate daughter of Harrison. One day, Aloshi witnesses a horrible crime by his brothers and he flees away from the place and ends up in Kochi.  As years go by, Aloshi joins the British Navy. But, he gets expelled for revolting against the British Authorities. He returns to Munnar which endows the plot with a major twist.  Aside from the above mentioned actors, Jayasurya, Reenu Mathews, Lena, T.G. Ravi and many others join the cast of the movie making it a good team

Let us begin with the high points of the movie. The movie presents a superlative visual experience for the audience. Amal Neerad deserves a pat on his back for his superb camera work.  The cast of the movie is the other positive aspect of the movie. Everyone has done their best to keep their characters convincing. Fahad Fazil and Jayasurya steal the show with their performances.  The songs of the movie are sufficiently good.

But the major flaw of the movie is its story. The movie has a long drawn out story and is elementary with nothing spectacular to dwell upon.It does not have a breathtaking moment to give you the chills. Above all, it lacks the element of unpredictability which also makes it less compelling. The dialogues are okay but would have been better if it were more intense.   The movie is a step up from Amal Neerad’s previous movies but is not impressive enough to please the audience in general.


Director : Amal Neerad
Release Date : 07/11/2014
Cast : Fahadh Faasil, Jayasurya, Lal
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