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Varsham Review

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Varsham is one of the much awaited movie of the year and everyone had high expectations on the film. It was mainly because of two factors. One is that it is directed by Renjith Shankar who is fresh from the success of his last film ‘Punyalan Agarbatis’ with jayasurya and the second factor is the hero of Varsham, Megastar Mammootty is on a comeback trail after he had some horrible times in the last four years. The appreciation he got for his performance in Munnariyippu and an average success of his last film Rajadhi Raja made this film Varsham all of importance for him. He is the producer of the film too.

Varsham tells the story of Venu who is running a finance company called Anand Finance. Anand is the name of his only son. Venu and wife,played by Asha Sarath, leading a rich life  with their son. They don’t have much of a respect  towards the lower class of the society and they have high hopes on their son. They want to make him a doctor and at the same time urges him to be the numero uno in everything he does. Venu also plays some dirty tricks to accumulate wealth in his company for his son. He had some friends who is working on the finance field and we are shown that they have some kind of jealousy towards the growth of Venu’s business company.

But unexpectedly Venu’s son died of cardiac arrest and that shattered all his dreams and life. From that moment his attitude to life has changed and in the mean time his rivals are in pursuit to take over his Anand finance. Later the film shows Venu’s efforts to do good in life in the name of his son and how he managed to win the hearts of the people.

Varsham is a highly emotional melodrama which is more focused on making a serious story telling than to entertain the audience. Because of that, film is lagging in most parts and its not likely to be a  smashing hit or something like that. All artists were performed well and hats off to Mammukka for his wonderful transformation as Venu. What pull the film a little backward is the script and direction of Renjith Shanker to be honest. The script was good but do not had enough depth to make the audience to move with the story.

Direction also was not as good as he did in Punayalan Agarbathis. Story is highly predictable  and overdose of emotion made it too slow for the audience to digest. Technical sides and music was good but not extra-ordinary. On the whole ‘Varsham’ is a film that failed to live up-to the the level of expectation it has raised but not a disappointing affair from Renjith Shanker. It could have been better if a little bit more effort was taken to make the script and the emotional level was on a digestible mark.  Its not a paisa vasool film who wants to get entertained but its an above average affair who is a serious film follower.

Director : Renjith Shankar
Release Date : 06/11/2014
Cast : Mammotty, Asha Sarath
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