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It is impossible to put in words the star power of the Tamil actor Vijay. His films are nothing short of a celebration and the fact that he is in the movie guarantees success to the movie. Kaththi is the latest Vijay movie directed by Murugadoss. Let us cut to the chase and starts with the plot of the movie.

The most important aspect of the movie is the dual roles played by Vijay which would be a sort of treat for the Vijay fans since they get to see their favorite superstar even more. Vijay appears in the movie as Jeevanathan and Kathireshan. Jeevanathan is a well disciplined and good hearted person who is ready to offer his services to anyone who needs it. He is also compassionate towards farmers who are exploited by the corporate manipulators.  He also works hard to find a solution for the insufficient supply of water. This earns him a spot in the hitlist of business big shots.

Kathireshan, on the other hand, is not very keen on following the social norms and makes his living by stealing from others. He is caught redhanded by the police multiple times and is punished but he seems to be least affected by this. Kathireshan reaches Chennai with a purpose and meets his look alike Jeevanathan by accident. Kathireshan impersonates Jeevanathan so as to evade the police and starts his life as Jeevanathan.

The movie is one of the best movies Vijay has produced in the recent memory.  Murugadoss has made sure that he makes the most out of the star value of Vijay.The movie has several dialogues and scenes which are certain to get loud applause from the audience. There are numerous segments in the movie which will turn out to be a bit of surprise to the audience which is one of the positives of the movie. Murugadoss attempts to tag the issues of ordinary farmers and elderly people to the movie which attributes to the social relevance of the movie.

Vijay is the shining star of the movie and is able to draw a line of distinction between Jeevananthan and Kathiresan though his performances. Samantha looks beautiful in the movie and that seems to the point when it comes to her character. Neil Nithin Mukesh gives an above average performance as the villain of the movie. All the supporting casts are up to the scratch. To sum it all, the movie is a very good movie with all the ingredients required to please the Vijay fans.

Director : AR Murugadoss
Release Date : 22/10/2014
Cast : Vijay, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Sathish

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