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Kohinoor Review

Kohinoor Review-Rating-Report-Asif Ali-Aparna Vinod

Kohinoor, that name is very familiar among all of us as we heard it in our childhood stories as well as read about it in our history books. Kohinoor is the most precious jewel of our country and there are many stories related to it regarding its theft by British and so on. But now for Malayalees there comes another Kohinoor and this time it is a film starring Asif Ali and directed by Vinay Govind. The film gets the attention before the release mainly for the fact that it is the first ever production venture of actor Asif Ali along with two of his friends. He is been producing the film under a new banner named Adam’s world of imagination and Adam is the name of his son. Vinay Govind is noted for his first film Kili Poyi even though it had not made much of an impact in box office at that time.

Kohinoor is set in the background of the period of 1980’s. The major characters in this film is Louis and Aandi Kunju who are great friends and living by making small time fraud activities. Louis who is a big movie buff wants to become like Mohanlal’s popular underworld characters like Sagar Alias Jacky or Vincent Gomas and highly influenced by that type of characters played by super stars like Mohanlal and Mammootty of that time. Then comes a character named Haider into their life from Bombay with a plan and that was really a big time plan for them, something which they never tried and even thought about. Two other guys named Freddy and Nicholas also joins them in another situation.

From there the story kicks starts in a funny and thrilling mood. The characters of Louis, Aandy Kunju, Haider, Freddy and Nicholas are played by Asif Ali, Aju Varghese, Indrajith, Vinay Fort and Chemban Vinod respectively. We have to say that the makers tried to make it an out and out entertainer and Kohinoor has every element to make you entertained. But in the first half the control of the director over the proceedings seemed to be lost somewhere. Vinay Govind tried his best as he can to really produce good entertaining and engaging situations. But it did not happened. Surprisingly the second half turned it all around. The twist and turns made it really interesting and the film went in a brisk pace as well. The climax was also very good with a super twist.

The screenplay by Salil Menon and Rajneet Kamala Shankar was really up to the mark and quite thrilling in the second half specially. The comedy numbers were not good enough in the first half but it went really well in the second half to make you laugh. Both the director and scriptwriter succeeded in setting up that period of 1980’s quite well. But the confusion is that why they chose that period to tell the story. Rahul Raj’s music really went well and the romantic melody starting as “Hemanthamen..” was really a fabulous one and really made everyone nostalgic about the 1980’s and 90’s period. DOP by Pradeesh M Varma also did well to the film and his frames were really instrumental in giving that nostalgic mood to the film.

When it comes to performance everyone done their job with maximum energy. Asif Ali was cool and at many places he really done his best to make us remember about Mohanlal characters in the 80’s. But the stand out performer was Indrajith and he was terrific with his dialogues and screen presence was outstanding. Kohinoor on the whole is a decent thriller which will not make you think that you lost your money. It’s a good timepass film with lots of thrilling moments.

Director : Vinay Govind
Release Date : 24/9/2015
Cast : Asif Ali, Indrajith, Aju Varghese

Review : Harikrishnan

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