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NeeNa Review

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Neena, the name itself is a unique one which attracts the attention of the audience and director Lal Jose is a master at creating that kind of attention for each and every films done by him. And in his latest offer to Mollywood film lovers he really done the same we just told above. NeeNa is the film which had become an anticipated one only after the release of its teaser and trailer which was some kind of special and give us a feeling of something special and class is coming our way. The screen writer of this film is R venugopal and Dop was done by the popular Jomon T john. Biji pal is the one who composed the back ground music  and a debutant named Nikhil  J Menon had composed the songs for this film which hit the screens today.

The story of this flick revolves around mainly three characters named Neena Nalini and Vinay Panicker giving equal space to all of them. The male lead Vinay Panicker who is a branch head of an advertising firm is married and his wife’s name is Nalini. He is very much involved in his family life and for him his family comes first. That time a girl named Neena comes to his life who is more like boy than girl in her attitude and behavior. A relation grows between Vinay Panicker and Neena and the story tells how this event influences the family life of Vinay and his wife Nalini’s mindset, later how Nalini moves forward during this time, then how Neena responds in such a situation and how this conflict resolves. The female lead and the title character named Neena is played by debutant Deepti Sati and Nalini is played by Aan Augustine. Vinay Panicker’s role is essayed by Vijay Babu and each of them done a great job.

The film really explores the human behavior and how his or her mind works in different situation and Lal Jose really succeeded in saying that it is our human that is more complicated than the world around us. Our mind that is making the world complicated. He really narrated superbly the inner minds of Neena and Nalini and also of Vinay Panicker who stand between these two. Neena and Nalini are representing two extremes of attitudes and mindsets and the script writer and director had really done a great job in bringing these extremes together and tell the story in such a way that it really strikes the thoughts of the audience.

The technical brilliance is also made the film a great and classy one with terrific visuals of Jomon T John who really blended the dark and gray shades to create the ambiance of the film and make the audience to feel that they are in that world of these characters. Back ground scoring by Biji Pal and Nikhl J Menon’s music also stands out and it will be an experience for us to go through the minds of humans and it was a kind of journey through souls. It may not be a film for the ones pinning for a masala entertainer. It is for those who wants to films which has souls and make you think about our life after seeing it.

Director : Lal Jose
Release Date : 15/5/2015
Cast : Deepti Sati, Ann Augustine, Vijay Babu

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