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Today morning really have to be the most exciting morning for Vijay fans as their super star Vijay’s biggest film ever was set to release today. All went to theater planning all kind of celebrations as there was fans shows were planned from even 5 am in the morning. But what really happened really pulled then down in to disappointment as all the morning shows of the film is cancelled all over due to the license problem that had happened due to the financial issue in which the team behind the film fell in to. That itself was a bad sign for the film lovers and what happened next was made their day completely a forgettable one as well.

After all problems the film got ready for the show by noon and the film which said to be an adventure as well as fantasy movie has showed promise in the first half as well. The story part has nothing new in it as we see these kind of stories even in Television Fantasy serials as well. It all about a king’s lost kingdom and the ousted king gets a little boy from a river. If you feel any similarity with Baahubali please forget it. Then the movie tells the story how the boy grown up as a warrior and takes on the villains known as Vedhalas. There is a double role Vijay as well. The kingdom is named as Vedhala Desham were the lead character played by Vijay lands. The time machine kind of elements are there as well which made the first half a bit interesting.

Vijay as usual great in his screen presence but in his performance he was not at all that good. The screenplay and direction really lacked conviction as an average first half led to a disastrous second half and then to a climax which has nothing thrilling in it. The plot was mediocre and the graphics parts was the worst of the lot. They said to have used a budget of 118 crore and when we see the VFX of the movie we have to say that they really wasted that money on something else. The songs were terrible and misplaced too. The only positives we can find in songs was the super dance of the lead actor Vijay who is very popular for that all through his career. The actresses were just there for the glamour show and have to say that both Sruthi Haasan and Hansika looked gorgeous but had nothing to do in the film. They were there as usual for the love plot which is a must in every Tamil film.

When it comes to the performance Kicha Sudeep is the only one who completely done justice to his character as the villain and all other including Sridevi, Prabhu,Vidyu Raman, Nandita Swetha etc were just struggling due to the weak characterization in the script. The makeup was too much for Sridevi and it made her look bad as well.

The second half of the film concentrated only on twists and not on the story. Even die hard Vijay fans can’t find much thrilling punch dialogues in the film specially in the second half. The action sequences are well choreographed but in between that too the VFX part pulled it down at many parts. As a whole Puli is really a below average film for the neutral audience and we don’t even know die-hard Vijay fans can like it or not. The worst graphics won’t allow us to call it a decent fantasy film as well. Thus we can conclude that Puli is turned out to be a mere cat at the end of the day.

Director : Chimbu Devan
Release Date : 1/10/2015
Cast : Vijay, Sridevi, Sudeep

Review : Harikrishnan

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