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Rudra Simhasanam Review-Rating-Report-Suresh Gopi-Kaniha-Nikki Galrani

The Suresh Gopi starrer film named Rudra Simhasanam had release all over Kerala today and it has been directed by Shibu Gangadharan and it is only his second film. Shibu Gangadharan had made his debut last year with the film named ‘Praise The Lord’ starring Mammootty which unfortunately not received well at box office as well as by critics. But this time he pairs up with Sunil Parameshwaran who wrote the script of the film to produce a tantric thriller with Suresh Gopi in the lead. Sunil Parameshawaran is quite famous for his popular tantric novels and he had also the script writer of the popular Santhosh Sivan- Prithviraj film named Anantha Bhadram which had released almost 10 years back.

Suresh Gopi’s character name in this film is Rudra Simhan who is a yogi who gave up all worldly pleasures by listening to the call of his soul. When he comes back to his homeland after a long journey through Himalayas he comes in to the life of Haimavathi (played by Nikki Galrani) who is a member of Manavathoor Kovilakam. Bad luck and fate conjuring against it and disasters are befalling one after the other. Rudra Simhan comes as a savior who makes Haimavathi to face the fate and also the things which are conjuring against her with courage and it also makes her aware of certain truths about which she was ignorant till that.

To say in short Rudra Simhasanam has nothing in it to offer to the audience and it will end up as another disaster in Suresh Gopi’s career. The only plus points of the film nis its art direction by Gireesh Menon and DOP by Jithu Damodar. There ends the good things about the film and screen play by Sunil Parameshwaran never reached anyway near to satisfy the audience as it lacked conviction and depth in its core part. It was disappointing to see such a shabby effort from a good writer and he seemed only interested in creating an atmosphere but failed to create something that holds the atmosphere together and make the audience to feel it through the narration. The 177 minutes of its length also awefullt testing the patience of the audience.

The main culprit along with Sunil Parameshwaran is who the director Shibu Gangadharan was also seemed clueless of what to do with the narration of the story and it was a complete slip away from him after the initial parts which had offered a little hope.  Suresh Gopi is was just like an extended cameo role and he had nothing to do in it really. The characterization has many clichés and that is a negative of the script as we expect certain characters to be like this or that in horror or so called tantric-mystery films and they are here in this as we expected with those same mannerisms.

No actor in the film really raised to the expected levels with their performance owes much to the terrible characterization mentioned above. There are many sequences and dialogues which will disturb the family audience if anyone shows the foolishness to go and watch it that too with his family. Music by Viswajith was also a let-down that added one more factor up to the list of its negatives.

Rudra Simhasam was a terrible experience that will test your patience every minute you are sitting inside the theater. They said it was a thriller but it will never give you a thrilling moment in the whole 177 minutes of its running time. It is more like a fancy dress show with some unbearable loud music in the background.

Director : Shibu Gangadaran
Release Date : 31/7/2015
Cast : Suresh Gopi, Nikki Galrani, Swetha Menon

Review : Abhilash Kiran

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