Sapthamashree Thaskaraha Review

Sapthamashree Thaskaraha Review-Prithviraj-Asif Ali-Onlookers Media

The name Sapthamashree Thaskaraha is suggestive of the movie main thread.The plot takes its life from seven thieves who gets imprisoned for various reasons.  The group consists of Krishnanunni (played by Prithviraj), Narayanan kutty (played by Neeraj Madhav), Shabab (played by Asif Ali ) Noble (played by Nedumudi Venu), Martin (played by Chemban Vinod), Leaf Vasu (played by Sudheer Karamana)  and Salaam Baasha  (played by Salaam Bukhan). They are the victims of circumstances in one form or the other they establish a healthy bond with each other.

We get a vivid idea about the seven characters through the confessions made by Martin to a priest (played by Lijo Jose Pallissery) While reflecting their past, Krishnanunni and Noble discover that they have the same enemy in Pious (played by Joy Mathew) who is responsible for their plight. Noble discloses something to them that could ensure financial security to them. In addition to that, Krishnanunni and Noble take it as an opportunity to avenge themselves on Pious (They agree to work together as a team and they start working on the mission in Noble’s house after being released from Jail. As they make advancement with the mission they are welcomed by a series of surprises and shocks. Reenu Mathews plays the female lead and is introduced in the movie as Krishnanunni’s wife. Sanusha plays another important female character who works as a nurse. Mukundan and Ishad also make their presence felt in the movie as villainous characters in the movie.

The movie is a comedy entertainment twined with a modified tone of suspense thriller. However, it is the humour that stands apart. In lieu of polished dialogues, director Anil Radhakrishnan opts for colloquial languages that are often used for our casual conversations .  The abundant use of Thrissur slang is another positive of the movie augment the originality of the dialogues. All the seven actors who portrayed the seven protagonists have delivered flawless performances. Prithviraj has his share of humour but without affecting the seriousness of his character and probably that would been the biggest challenge for Prithviraj in the movie . Chemban Vinod deserves special mention as he is the true surprise package in the movie.

Despite of having a serious idea of revenge in the movie do not have stereotypical action stunts where hero gets the better of villain at last leaving the antagonist in the pool of blood. Krishnanunni and Noble do intend to take revenge on Pious but in a completely different method.  The cameo played by Lijo Jose Pellissery is pretty entertaining and it is a pleasant surprise to know that Lijo is not just a good director but a good actor as well. The only drawback of the movie is that at a few occasions it does exhibit characteristic similarities with some of the other movies. But it is pardonable as those similarities are comparatively negligible in its quantity. Sapthamashree Thaskaraha is a memorable gift from Anil Radakrishnan on this Season.

Director : Anil Radhakrishnan
Release Date : 06/09/2014
Cast : Prithviraj, Asif Ali, Neeraj, Chemban Vinod

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