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Jalam, special screening had took place in Trivandrum

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Jalam, the M. Padmakumar directorial film which scripted by TS Suresh Babu was in the news some weeks back as the songs of the film is nominated to the list of Indian’s official entry to Oscar awards. Later again the film was in the news headlines as the team behind the film has decided to give all the money that gets as the profit share of the film to the poor and needy ones and help to make houses for the people who are homeless.

The film which financed by Sohay Roy is all set to be released all over even though it had already screened in Film Festivals and got recognitions from many prestigious places. It was even got state award in the last Kerala State awards. The latest on the film is that before the release, it had a special screening at Trivandrum on 13th January 2016.

The film had screened at the Ariesplex‬ Cinemas at Trivandrum and the screening was attended by popular artists, writers, directors and technicians from our industry. Dignitaries like Sohan Roy, B Unnikrishnan, Ouseppachan, TS Suresh Babu, B Venu, actor Mukundan, politicians like MA Baby, VT Balram, writer Sindhu Raj etc attended the function along with the ones who worked in the film in various categories.

The flick which had Priyanka Nair and Prakash Bare in the lead roles mainly focused on the struggle of a woman to live with his child and to find a place in the city or a piece of land to live after her husband dies in an accident. The flick has been noted for its intense screenplay by TS Suresh Babu, brilliant direction by M Padma Kumar, Ouseppachan’s soulful music and above all, the great performance from Priyanka Nair.

Jalam is world’s first charity movie as we mentioned above. They are all set to donate the collection of the film to build houses for the ones who is homeless and the film also touches upon that theme through the struggles of the character played by Priyanka Nair.

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