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Monsoon Mangoes Review

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Monsoon Mangoes Review

Monsoon Mangoes, the latest offering from actor Fahad Fazil to Mollywood film lovers had released today all over Kerala. At first the film had not much expectations as Fahad was going through a lean patch of his career. But when the trailer of the film released, the anticipation has risen to a level that it suddenly become one of the much awaited film of this season. Every one began to think that this may well be the grand come back of Fahad Fazil, they everyone is wishing for.

Debutant Abi Varghese is the one who conceived this flick and he is popular for his efforts in mini screen as got attention earlier as the maker of super successful Television serial named Akkarekkazhchakal. The film has been produced by Thampy Antony under the banner of his Kayal Films.

The central character of the film is played by Fahad Fazil and his character name is Daweed Pallikkal popularly known as DP Pallikkal. He brought to America in a very young age when his parents shifted to America and the biggest dream of his life is to make a movie. He had writtena script named monsoon mangoes as well. But distributor wants commercial elements or stars in the film. So he began to search for a star and at the same time wants to make the casting of the film apt as possible. His search lead him to a man named Prem Kumar played by Vijay Raz who was a long forgotten Hindi film hero. Then the film shows Daweed’s efforts to make a film and the problems faced by him.

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Abi Varghese had just shown how skilled he is with this film as his narration pattern was really fresh, interesting and very much kept the audience glued to their seats. The screenplay written by Abi Varghese, Matt Grubb, Naveen Bhaskar jointly is one of the best we come across recently and it was the strength of the script which gave the film the solid platform it needed. Abi Varghese’s craft was very much visible in each and every aspect of the film and there is never an unwanted scene in the film. The music by Jakes Bejoy was another highlight of the film and specially, the background scoring by him was terrific. Cinematography by Lukasz Pruchnik had given the film a look as if it was Hollywood movie. Frames are that good and it really gave the audience the feel that they are watching some never seen before stuff in Malayalam Cinema.

And now we can come to the real stars of the show. It is Fahad Fazil and Vijay Raz undoubtedly. Both were performing in a way that they are competing with each other at the same time complimenting one another. Their combination scenes were just amazing and it was really a pleasure to watch these guys performing with perfection like never before. DP Pallickal may be one of the best by Fahad Fazil and it was a real comeback indeed. Other actors like Vinay Fort, Tovino Thomas, Thampy Antony, Nandhu, Ishwarya Menon, Sanju Sivaram etc had made impact through their terrific support to Fahad and Vijay Raz. Jacob Gregory is doing a cameo as well.

On the whole Monsoon Mangoes is a film that can give you a never seen before cinematic experience. Its not made in the usual commercial potboiler format. But its a sincere picture about life and cinema.

Director : Aby Varghese
Release Date : 15/01/2016
Cast : Fahad Fazil, Vijay Raz

Review : Harikrishnan

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