This is an Experiment, Hope it will do well… Says Jean Markose

Interview with Angels movie director Jean Markose-Onlookers Media

After Jibu jacob’s Vellimoonga and Binu’s Ithihasa, Another promising debutant is coming to bless Malayalam film industry with his First film. It was Jean Marcos who making his debut with the film named ‘Angels’ in which Indrajith, Asha sarath and Joy Mathew plays the lead characters.  Jean Markose and his wife Maya Kartha were very famous RJ’S in Dubai Hit FM and Maya was one of the producer of Angels too. Jean is the Brother-in-law of Indrajith as Maya was Indrajith’s first cousin. Thus the first film of Jean is totally a family affair with his wife as producer and Indrajith, his best friend and brother-in-law as the hero of the film. Our  Onlookers Media reporter have met Jean on the day of the film’s music launch and had an exclusive chat with him about the film.

“It was  a hopeful project for all my crew as many of them had debuting with this film. Its music director, cinematographer, Editer and many other technicians making their first step into the film industry with this project. I am very excited about this project as all of them are my close friends for a long time and its really great to work with my  friends in my very first film…” Says Jean Markose

Q : How you landed in the project Angels..?

Jean : We got the thread of the film from a paper news one and a half years ago and then we began to made the plot around it. The three main characters in the story was Hameem Haider played by Indrajith,Father Varghese Punayalan played by Joy Mathew and Haritha Menon played by Asha Sarath. Haritha Menon is the character who links the other two characters in this film.

Q-  You choose Indrajith as the hero ..Is it because he is your relative..?

Jean : Indrajith was choosed as the main lead not because he is my relative, but on the basis of the story and character. I knows Indrajith,joy Mathew and Asha Sarath for years, it was very easy for Me to communicate with them.

Angles Movie Director Jean Markose with his wife Maya Kartha

Jean Markose with his wife Maya Kartha

Q- You worked as an RJ in Dubai HIT FM..tell us about how it helped you..?

Jean : Cinema was my passion and my work as RJ in Hit FM was helped me a lot to study more about films as my working time in the FM was limited and that’s why I had been able to study and watch more and more films.

Q- Tell us about how your friends supported you in the making of this film..?

Jean : everyone including Indrajith worked hard for the film as its their own film because they all are my great friends outside the industry too.

Q-Any plans for your next project..?

Jean : I had not planned about My next film till now. Now my request to all the Malayali film viewers is that to watch and support my and my friends maiden venture. We are open to all comments and reviews even if it is negative as we have done an experiment through this film and eager to know whether it is a success or not.

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