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Rishi Raj Singh IPS is all praise for Veeram Malayalam movie

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Rishi Raj Singh IPS is all praise for Veeram Malayalam movie

Director Jayaraj’s latest release Veeram has successfully entered it’s second week of theatrical run. It continues to do good business across all the release centres. Critics rated the movie high for it’s novelty in treatment and presentation style.

Recently, Rishi Raj Singh IPS after watching the movie posted a detailed review about the movie in his official Facebook page. He was all praise for the presentation and the technical brilliance.

His post reads,

“VEERAM’- A tale of gore and deceit¬†– Film review by Rishi Raj Singh IPS

Making a film about folklores cuts both ways ; it serves well with the audience as they need not stretch their imagination to unknot the intricacies of story but at the same time familiarity may breed boredom soon.

The story of Chandu Chekaver ;a warrior from ‘Vadakkan Pattukal’ [north Malabar] of Kerala belonging to 16th century is replete with familiarity in every house of Kerala.

Fortunately for audience Jayaraj ;the famous Malayalam film director has kept the pace of the film faster and crisp. movie does succeed in making spectators sit tight at the edges of their chairs.

Film’s technical brilliance has helped it in making an all round impact thus compelling audience to look further curiously. Specially its background music prepared by Jeff Rona, probably kept deliberately high has a mesmerizing grip on onlookers. razor sharp editing and duration of film kept only for 104 minutes have only succeeded in complimenting film’s earlier mentioned qualities. Movie sets in riots of colours. Colour grading supervised by Jeff Olm is simply vivid and marvellous.

we come across some of the finest acting display. Kunaal Kapur as a spurned lover and betrayer excels. Himarsha as ‘Unniyarcha’ fuming with anger as to take revenge at the death of her brother ‘Aromal’ leaves lasting impact. Divina Thakore [Kutti Mani] meandering through acute guilt and restlessness sparkles in her role. Shivjit Nambiar as Aromal succeeds in displaying innocence though placed at wrong hands.

Nevertheless Dubbing could have been better. Also English sub titles must have been added in its Malayalam version.

Movie shall definitely ignite curiosity and liking for ‘Kalaripayattu’ [ a martial art ; originated from Kerala] in the hearts of audience which has been showcased brilliantly. Allen Poppleton’s choreography in general and filming of ‘Kalaripayattu’ scenes in particular leaves us spellbound. Make-up by Trefor Proud speaks class and quality. It shows clearly that actors have undergone exhaustive practice and training sessions before real shoot.

Film is shot mostly outdoors at Ajanta Ellora caves at Aurangabad[ Maharashtra], Agra [ Uttar Predesh] and at Thiruvanathapuram [Kerala]

‘Veeram’ has been the most expensive film ever made in malayalam ; made on a budget touching about nearly 35 crores [ 350 millions] Film is made in three languages; Malayalam,Hindi and English.

The film has an uncanny similarity with Shakspeare’s great tragedy ‘Macbeth’ which is purely innocuous.

Must watch for those who clamour for novelty in subject and presentation of a film in an offbeat and exclusive manner.”

Chandramohan Pillai and Pradeep Rajan of Chandrakala Arts jointly produced this big budget movie

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