Kalaga Thalaivan Review: A gripping action entertainer

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Kalaga Thalaivan Review: A gripping action entertainer

Udhayanidhi Stalin’s latest film ‘Kalaga Thalaivan’ has him teaming up with director Magizh Thirumeni for the first time. The duo were supposed to team up for ‘Thadam’, but the actor got busy and it eventually was made with Arun Vijay. Magizh is known for making action films like ‘Thadayara Thakka’ and ‘Meaghamann’. ‘Kalaga Thalaivan’ also has an action mood throughout though Udhayanidhi does very less of it.

Udhayanidhi’s character Thirumaaran is a financial analyst who works for a corporate named Vajrah. The company’s top secrets get leaked, which forces them to hire Arjun (Aarav), who specializes is cracking such cases, to find out the culprits behind it. Arjun is an ex-army man who is now a pathological killer. Using cruel ways, his team start investigating from the top ladder. How the dots are connected to eventually reach Thiru and why he fights against Vajrah forms the plot.

‘Kalaga Thalaivan’ seems to be designed specifically for Udhayanidhi. Right from the title to how sun is used as a tool to decimate the evil, everything screams of his political party DMK. To his credit, the actor is also restrained without any showing over the top emotions in the film. It is only in the end that he gets to do realistic stunts, thankfully very realistic, and he does the part well.

Interestingly, it is Aarav who seems to have more screen time in the film. Or atleast that’s how it feels. With his well built physique and suave looks, the actor is superb as a menacing killer. Nidhhi Aggerwal also gets a meaty role unlike the usual heroines and she delivers. Kalaiyarasan in a brief cameo is impressive, but one can’t help but wish he starts saying no to such roles. He is past that phase.

With Srikanth Deva’s rousing score and some fine cinematography, ‘Kalaga Thalaivan’ is also a technically sound film. If you’re in the mood to watch some serious timepass stuff, this is definitely worth it.

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