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There is nothing wrong in acting after marriage: Priyamani

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There is nothing wrong in acting after marriage: Priyamani

In our society there is a general conception that actress should not act once they get married. Many actresses in the past had to apply brakes while at the peak of the industry because of their marriage and other related commitments.

Actress Priyamani recently has opposed this trend that is prevailing in the industry. The actress says, there is a general conception that women should not act after their marriage. The husband are his relatives will not be affected if an actress returns back to where she belonged.

Women in other fields have immense growth after their marriage. It is foolish to believe that the family will lose its honor if an actress returns back to acting.

Many actresses like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Vidya Balan, Jyothika, Manju Warrier, Kavya Madhavan have all had successes in films after their marriage. Looking after the family and profession simultaneously is very much possible.

An actress will have to take care of a lot of things like her looks, makeup and her overall appearance. Sometimes foreign trips are unavoidable while acting. Why is that a problem for women while the male actors are doing all this without any such problems.

It is high time these misconceptions are changed. If anyone believes that wives are like slaves, they should buy a dog instead, said Priyamani.

Priyamani got engaged to Mustafa Raj in May this year.

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