Mollywood’s disappointing movies of 2014

Mollywood’s disappointing movies of 2014-Worst Malayalam Movies of 2014-Onlookers Media

As we picked the best films of 2014 that got released in Mollywood, we have the duty to tell which is worst also according to our view. We are picking a few films here. There may be films worst than this. But we are picking films which had come out from very talented and experienced film makers/Actors, yet disappointed the viewers a big time. These films are the worst of 2014,in that that perspective…

1. Gangter
This was the most disappointing and worst film of 2014 in Mollywood. Directed by none other than Ashiq Abu and starred By mega star Mammootty, the film was a big let -down for fans as well as common audience and ended up as the biggest disaster in Mammootty’s career and in Mollywood history as well with only 14 days of total theatrical run.

2. Koothara
This was the second film directed by Sreenath rajendran after his much appreciated debut with ‘Second Show’. But Koothara with Bharath, Sunny Wayne and Tovino Thomas in lead roles was a very disappointing affair to say the least. Eventhough they Got Universal Mohanlal to play a cameo in the film, they failed miserably to utilize that golden opportunity they got creating a feeble character for the Complete actor.

3. Praise the lord
This was the film directed by Shibu gangadharan and starred by Mammootty. The film is based on the work of famous writer Zakkariya and people had high hopes on it as Zakariya’s work was a popular one. But the film failed to create the interest which the writer had created through his work and ended up as another disaster.

4. Samsaaram Aarogyathinu Haanikaram
This was a total let down by Dulquer salmaan and from the director Balaji Mohan. They just tried to tell a fantasy story and it told in such a way that people went to deep sleep in theaters. The film was bilingual, and it released in Tamil also.

5. Tamaar Padaar
It was the directorial debut of promising script writer Dileesh nair and the lead role was played by Prithvi raj. People had great expectation on both of them and they gave  just a crap to say the least about the film.

6. Villali Veeran
It is high time for dileep to realize that the quality of his films are decreasing day-by-day or film-by-film. Villali veeran directed by debutant Sudheesh sanker has nothing to offer to the audience rather than some usual intolerable jokes and cliché situations.

7. Balyakala Sakhi
It was really a disappointment from the part of pramod payyannoor that he just not able to do justice to the greatest work of Vaikom Muhamad Basheer  and the film starred Mammootty in the lead ended up as an utter failure both critically and commercially.

8. Bhaiyya Bhaiyya
It is a johny antony film scripted by Benny p nayarambalam with Kunjacko boban and Biju menon in the lead. But the film has nothing in it apart from the desperate effort to try to cash in on the popularity of Kunjacko boban and Biju Menon pair.

9. Money Ratnam
It was the 100 th film of century films directed by debutant Santhosh and none other than Fahadh Faasil played the lead. People expected at-least a minimum guarantee film from Fahadh and a famous film house like century films. But the film ended up a failure in box office without making any noise at all.

10. Njangalude Veettile Athidhikal
This was a Sibi Malayail film. But people won’t believe it if they have not shown the title card. This was such a low quality film from the part of such a talented and experienced director like Sibi. Jayaram played the lead role in the film along with Priyamani and they can’t save it either.

11. Mathayi Kuzhappakkaran Alla
One of the worst  film in 2014. Aku Akbar who gave us films like Veruthe Oru Bhaarya is now testing our patience with films like Ulsaaha Committee and Mathayi Kuzhappakkaran Alla. Jayasurya played the lead in this film. Now a days Jayasurya has releases in every week and the quality is decreasing film-by-film. He had to be careful, otherwise the people’s trust on him to give them fresh films will be a sweet old memory for him very soon.

12. Aamayum Muyalum
It was indeed  a Big disappointment. Because it was a Priyadarshan film. Priyan is arguably the best director in India with great amount of experience and amazing talent. But he seems to be a shadow of himself in Aamayum Muyalum and the film never raised to the expectation of people as they waited for it eagerly.

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