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Haider Review

Haider Movie Review-Shahid Kapoor-Sradha Kapoor-Tabu-Onlookers Media

Haider is an ambitious project of Shahid Kapoor which released on Gandhi Jayanti, October 2014 and is the latest movie directed by Vishal Bharadwaj. Shahid was immersed in the movie so much so that he refused to commit to other movies so that he can devote all his time to the movie. Shahid appears in the movie as Haider which also is the title of the movie. Shraddha Kapoor who is soon becoming a mainstream actress plays the female lead in the movie. Tabu also makes an appearance in the movie as Shahid’s mother whereas Kay Kay Menon is the ultimate villain of the movie.

The story gives a detailed description of the life of Haider (which is played by Shahid Kapoor).   The movie has its root in the Kashmir civil war. Dr. Hilaal Meer is a good hearted person and treats a critically injured military. But, he is held captive for the same reason and no one has heard from him ever since.  His son is devastated following the mysterious disappearance of his father. Despite of sparing no effort to find his father he is unable to find him. In the mean time his mother Ghazala which is played by Tabu marries her brother in law Khurram due to the circumstances. Haider finds it hard to accept his uncle in the place of his father and continues to search his father.

His search leads him to a man named Roohdar portrayed by Irfan Khan who is an active participant in the separatist groups who confides in him the truth that his father was back stabbed to death by his own uncle in order to mary his mother Ghazala. He also reveals that his father wanted his son to take revenge on his uncle for him. Haider makes a resolution to take vengeance on his uncle for his father’s murder and starts making plans to kill him. But Khurram who comes to know about his intentions tell him that he is seriously misled and the original murder of his father is not him but Roohdar himself. Haider gets confused since he is not certain as to who is speaking the truth. But, later he is convinced that his uncle is in fact the real murderer and tries to kill him but is unsuccessful in doing so because of various reasons.

His fixation with taking revenge comes with a huge price as he loses his girl friend who takes her own life after realizing that Haider has killed her father Pervez Lone who acted as an informer to Khurram. Haider makes up his mind to kill his uncle near his father’s graveyard with the assistance from Roohdaar. Khurram uses his hired men to fight Haider. Ghazala becomes aware of the plan and dashes to the place along with Roohdar. She implores to her son to stop thinking about revenge.She makes desperate attempt to make him understand that revenge is something that has no end and it cannot be beneficial to anyone not even to the avenger as the only thing revenge knows is utter destruction.

Haider does not heed to his mother and proceeds with his plan. But he is flabbergasted when he learns that his mother is wearing a vest containing explosives. He tries to stop his mother but is too late for that. She dies and Khurram who approaches her to prevent her from committing suicide loses his legs .Haider who survives the explosion has a momentary desire to finish his uncle off backs out and leaves the place inorder to fulfill his mother’s last wish. However, Khurram pays for his actions since he is forced to live a miserable life with a disabled body and the burden of guilt.

This is the third movie by Vishal Bharadwaj with the Shakespearean concept as the main plot. Though the movie is a modified version of Hamlet the movie does show traces of novelty in its presentation. The back ground of Kashmir fights gifts the movie with another layer of depth. But the real strength of the movie is its cast which cast who has given such amazing performances that it is nearly impossible to point out as to who is the best performer in the movie.

Shahid Kapoor puts his best foot forward in order to display the complexities which his character Haider goes through. Tabu has gives one of the best performances in her career as Ghazala. KayKay Menon offers a fine drawn picture of the devil hidden behind his calm face with his flawless performance. Shraddha Kapoor gets ten on ten for interpreting a defenseless girlfriend who thirsts for a peaceful life with Haider but finds herself lost in the revenge.  Irfan Khan puts his signature on Roohdar with his peerless acting skills.  The other supporting cast also matches up to the high standard set by the key actors in the movie. The movie is certainly laudable for its unusual treatment and the cast and therefore is highly recommendable.

Director : Vishal Bhardwaj
Release Date : 02/10/2014
Cast : Shahid Kapoor, Tabu, Sraddha Kapoor, Irrfan Khan, Key Key Menon

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